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IAEE’s Art of the Show competition awarded onPeak’s marketing with 1st Place and Honorable Mentions in the cutthroat “Email Promotions” category, two years running. And The Davey Awards bestowed onPeak's marketing team with Silver. What can we say? Hard work, cool clients and creative juices pay off.

Art of the Show


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To achieve the highest pick-up rates in the industry, onPeak gets in bed with your event to uncover your unique needs, understand your attendee behaviors and immerses ourselves in your exhibitor pain points.

Coupled with insights from your previous housing programs, we'll take the knowledge of your event and prescribe a targeted marketing strategy to communicate, educate and instill action in your event-goers, creatively ensuring your hotel block is a hit.



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Marketing Playbook

With onPeak, housing is an integral part of your event communications. Your marketing strategist will package together a comprehensive Playbook to consult your existing communications plan and outline onPeak-driven tactics to effectively fill your hotel block.

onPeak Clipboard

Your dedicated portal gives you an impactful package of messaging, templates, ads, tools and more to ensure you have a full suite of promotional assets at your fingertips. Easily access whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Attractive communications with the right message at the right time make all the difference. Attention-grabbing emails target specific audiences with messaging and images that speak directly to their wants and needs, while robust analytics measure the results so we can tweak future programs and ensure your response rates are on the rise.

Incentive Promotions

Creative concepts make booking in the block even more attractive. Using promotional partnerships, leveraging event discounts and perks, or setting up sweepstakes, we’ll brainstorm fresh ideas to incentivize your participants and ensure housing delivers even more value.

Sticky Marketing & New Media

Search engine campaigns, social media networking, the blogosphere and more—today’s online channels can be tricky realms to master. Our digital marketing experts roll up their sleeves to engage your participants where they live and work online, keeping your event and hotel block relevant with the latest trends.


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