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Add real-time hotel info to any website

Getting your hotel info on your website and in front of your Facebook fans is easy—simply install the Compass Magnet and let users make a reservation in fewer clicks than ever before.

Real-time info, dynamic updates

Between rates changing, availability fluctuating, hotels being added and exclusive promotions being negotiated, keeping the details of your event's hotels updated on your website can be an endless endeavor.

The Magnet solves this problem by serving as a window into your block's inventory, automatically refreshing to reflect the most up-to-date availability and details.

The Magnet's real-time snapshot includes key event hotel info that can be sorted by:

  • Hotel name
  • Event-specific promotions & complimentary amenities
  • Hotel rate
  • Headquarters hotel designation
  • Event shuttle route
  • Star rating

Real-time hotel info integrated in your registration process

Why send your event participants hotel shopping after they've registered? Slap the Magnet onto the last page of their registration and watch as registrants are pulled into the booking process. All you have to do is put us in touch with your preferred registration partner, and we'll handle the rest.

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