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onPeak's Compass Reservation System® delivers the most flexible tools in the industry for Group Managers to make and manage multi-room bookings. And with a simplified, intuitive interface that requires 25% less page views and clicks than other housing company, exhibitors are happier than ever booking through onPeak.

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Bell Curve Bookings

Bell Curve Bookings

Most groups stay on a 'bell curve' pattern—a few people arrive early for show setup, more arrive closer to peak night, and just a few stay longer—so that's how our system books groups. When building a reservation, Group Managers can easily indicate the number of rooms they need each night, and their group room block is automatically built out for them.


Nameless Rooms

Group Hold

Groups often need to secure a room block at their preferred hotel way before they know exactly who's going to your event, so we make that as easy as possible. Group Managers can book rooms upfront without assigning names at the time of booking, and then add guest names, finesse dates, and include other details later on.


Live Bookings for Any-size Groups

Live Book

There's no need for groups to submit manual request forms for a block of rooms that take days to confirm. Our system can handle live bookings for groups of any size—not just 9 rooms or less. Fully flexible behind-the-scenes setup enables groups large or small to view up-to-the-second room availability, make bookings and receive immediate email confirmations of their reservation.


Flexible Payments

Group Pay

Payments can be accepted in various configurations to meet the needs of each group and group member. Group Managers can set up a master payment for all rooms, allow each group member to pay for their individual room, or mix and match for any payment combination in between.

Save your exhibitors from the logistical nightmare that can be group bookings. With onPeak and our Compass Reservation System, your Group Managers are sure to rest easy.

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